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About Gymnasium 10


State Educational Estаblishment “Gomel Gymnasium № 10” The school began working in September, 1939. It was situated in Volotovskaya Street. There were 20 classrooms in it. A. Geideko was the headmaster of the school till March, 1939. From March, 1939 till June 22, 1941 the school was headed by M. Vorobey. Then he was sent to front as a soldier, reached Berlin and became a commander of the artillery division. Pupils were also at war: V. Ivanov, V. Chaikun, Bushkanets, Medvedev, T. Skvortsenko, L. Matveichuk. Gomel was occupied by fascists (August 20, 1941-November 26, 1943). And the school didn’t work. There was a German hospital and stables in it. Only a central part of the building was left after the liberation of the city from fascists. The teachers with the help of their pupils prepared the school for a new school year. In December, 1943 there were only some desks made of uneven planks and frames there was no glass in the windows of the building. Plywood was used as blackboards. The classrooms were heated with iron tins. A war hospital (1943-1944), a pedagogical school and the Pioneer House were situated in the school building as few buildings were left in the city. V. Volchkov became the first headmaster of the school after the war. At that time the school worked in three shifts. There were only 20 books in the school library. In 1946 the school was headed by a former partisan of World War II I. Timoshkov. He was the headmaster of the school for 30 years. New rooms were built, new ideas appeared and became a reality at that time. In 1949 the school was named after A. S Pushkin. A Physical study, Chemical, Biological and Military studies were created. School radio began broadcasting daily programmes. The staff were hard- working and creative. In 1954 the first city brass band directed by M. Brigvadze was formed in the school. In the 50-s a Young Communist organization worked successfully, school self-government developed and the friendship between Gomel Secondary school № 10 and Chernigov Secondary school № 10 (now-20) became stronger. The building didn’t conform to increasing demands as the number of pupils was constantly changing. From 1957 till 1961 more rooms were added to the main building: workshops, a gymnasium and an Assembly Hall. From 1961 the school has been specializing in English. Such subjects as History, Geography, Maths were taught in English in the 60-es. More than 800 pupils studied in a small building in Volotovskaya Street. The school needed new rooms. Another building with 17 studies, a gymnasium (it is now called “ The New Building”), a canteen were built in Karl Marx Street. K. Zotova became the headmaster of the school in 1976. She was an experienced woman of great talent, a person with a tremendous love for people and fascination. The best school traditions were kept and a great attention was paid to a person. N. Gushel was the headmaster of the school elected by the staff, pupils, teachers and the pupils’ parents. Twice, in 1995and in 2000 the school won the title “The Best School of the Year ”. In 1999 the school celebrated its 60th anniversary. There were 1400 pupils and 104 teachers in it at that time. On the eve of 60th anniversary the School History Museum was created. From 2002 it receives visitors and excursions. The school keeps good memory of its school-leavers. Its pupils participate successfully in different subject Olympiads, study in the USA, Bulgaria, England, Russia, Ukraine, Israel and in many other countries of the world. American and English Literature, Technical and Literary Translation, German, Business English are taught at school in addition. In 2003 V. Sidorov became the headmaster of the school and soon in 2004 it was turned into a gymnasium. And new ideas and plans were on the horizon… Through many years till today the gymnasium takes the leading position in education of its students. A lot of international projects are held in the cooperation with such countries as Scotland and Sweden. The students and teachers of the gymnasium took part in the International Ecological Conference in Aberdeen, Scotland in the summer of 2009. They also represent their scientific research participating in different Scientific Conferences which are held by Gomel schools and gymnasiums. The gymnasium holds its home Scientific Conference “Free Choice” where all the ideas are welcomed. Nowadays Gomel State Gymnasium 10 is one of the best educational establishments of the city with the highly qualified staff and talented and hardworking students.


Igor Kotlarenko - Hi, everybody! Greetings from one 1968 gold medal graduate now living in Canada. We were first extended-English program ones to get out of school. Keep it up, folks!
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